Freedom Home Solar Services



Solar Financing

One of the benefits of working with Freedom Home Solar is our great financing options.  We are one of few solar companies who offer financing on both solar panels, installation, and roof repairs if needed.  Our friendly & experienced representatives can guide you through the different options for financing during your home visit! 


Commercial Solar


Our licensed contractors have the knowledge and expertise to install at any of the following commercial, industrial, or retail space.  Freedom Home Solar professional contractors can handle commercial solar installation projects large and small.  


Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance. They are very durable and should last around 25-30 years with no maintenance at all. The only maintenance you should need to perform is to wash them clean of dirt and dust two to four times a year, which you or Freedom Home Solar's representatives can easily do if needed.  


Roof Repairs

Freedom Home Solar's licensed contractors can provide residential and commercial roof repair services when needed before the actual installation of the solar panels.  Our staff of qualified roofers can make make repairs or install a new roof if needed.  Although most installations do not require repairs, you can rest assured if you do!   


Solar Panel Monitoring

Solar monitoring makes certain that your solar panels are working properly by tracking the power output of your system. With solar monitoring, you gain 24/7 peace of mind that your panels are working as efficiently as possible. Solar monitoring gives you real-time visibility into the number of kilowatt hours of electricity your solar panels are producing at any given moment.

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